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Food Savings up to 90% Tags: food savings coupon


Of course savings is big part of creating your financial portfolio and legacy. Food is a necessity. Financial Saving is also a necessity

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College is costly parents avoid these mistakes and save Tags: college cost college savings avoid mistakes

Leading Expert Reveal Top Mistakes Parents Make When Sending Their Kid to College
Leading expert Dan Evertsz of College Money Pros today announced his top mistakes list parents make when sending their kids to college.

Most parents don’t have the expertise to do the best job.

Mistake #1: Depending on the College’s Financial Aid Officer (FAO) for Unbiased Financial Advice
The college’s financial aid administrators (FAA), financial aid counselors (FAC), or financial aid officers (FAO) are usually wonderful people who do a good job balancing the needs of the families with the limitations of the college.  Like any business, the colleges have financial and budgetary constraints that limit their generosity in dispersing financial aid.  Be advised, the FAO’s main objective is to get the best student into his or her college for the least amount of financial aid.  The FAO gets paid by the college, and they always have the college’s best interest in mind.  Their loyalties are with their schools – not their applicants!

Mistake #2: Relying on Your Accountant or CPA for College Financial Aid Advice
Your CPA or accountant will try to save you money by helping you implement strategies to reduce your tax burden.  Although they are experts in the tax code, finalizing tax returns, and tax reduction strategies, college financial strategies are completely different.  Because college financial aid formulas differ from the IRS formulas, the advice your CPA may give you for long-term tax reduction strategies may actually decrease your ability to get financial aid.

Mistake #3: Imagining the Financial Aid Process Is Fair
I recently worked with a family that had a stock portfolio worth over $1 million dollars and a rental home worth $1 million dollars.  This family received a full ride worth $33,000 a year.  Is this fair? No, but nothing in life is fair, especially college admissions or college financial aid. The financial aid system is out of date, and as college costs continue to skyrocket, the colleges are ultimately failing their primary mission.  The financial aid system was designed to expand access to a college degree to those who need it most.

Mistake #4: Believing That You Should Not Apply to Private Colleges Because of the Sticker Price
In these tough economic times, where do you think most parents encourage their children to apply: public state colleges or private colleges?  Of course, most parents are encouraging their students to apply to in-state public colleges.   Unfortunately, the majority of the state schools depend on the state government for their funding.  With tax revenue declining over the last few years, most of the state schools are tightening their belts and reducing aid. Most parents make the mistake of looking only at the Cost of Attendance and not the final price when comparing college costs.  Make sure you consider and apply to a few private colleges as well as in state public colleges.

Mistake #5: Spending Too Much Time and Money to Find Private Scholarships
The majority of American families believe that only way to reduce the cost of college is to get private scholarships.  I encourage my families to try to get as many private or “outside” scholarships as they can.  There are thousands and maybe even millions of dollars in private scholarships available for families if they are diligent.  Unfortunately, only around 5.5% of all students in 2007-2008 in America received private scholarships.
In many cases, it easier to qualify for merit awards and tuition discounts and there is much more of this type of aid.

For more information visit www.collegemoneypros.com   authorized rep  Rickey Johnson  623 455 6364  juniques@jusmcc.org

Juniques agrees with TD Jakes Good Soil
Category: GENERAL
Tags: td jakes starving good soil famine

Bishop T. D. Jakes, shares a powerful message..

These word makes a great sermon

Good Soil, Good Seed, Our country, Politics, Starving, Famine,

Wisdom, Child Support, God's plan, Dreams, Rut, Expecting return,

Dying, Enemies, Lose country Your calling, Need no more preachers!!! do not give up,
strategic placement,no cash,no ownership,serving notice,revolution,slavery,conqueror,massa, breakthrough,
jobs,fighting system,lose mind, phony friends,not one of them,
praise,cannot change what you not touch,clean your soil, 
leave history,follow destiny,  Listen and Prosper



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