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Is Your Email Worth Reading?!
Category: GENERAL
Tags: email email worth reading spam

Is Your Email Worth Reading?!

Hello Community, 
Email is one of the most used methods to contact people.
Using email to update your contacts or promote a product/service, or
to share a message is a good thing. 
Yet, if not properly done, you are just wasting your valuable time. 
There are many email delivery tools to help you be very effective in 
using this contact method suprising, 
Many business owners are NOT ready using this method
correctly and effectively. 

Here are some questions  for consideration.  
Are your using email delivery correctly? 
Are your emails ( message) worth reading?
Are my messages consistent!
How do you confirm your emails are being received?
How do you confirm they are being read?
Should you have a private email account? 
Is using a free email service good for business growth!!
Are your emails being received in a "junk" account? 

Get the answers now check this video out

Are you using an AutoResponder
Category: GENERAL
Tags: autoresponder email pre written email scheluded messages
Are you using an AutoResponder, This can make or break your business growth

Ok, here is a video providing a broad overview of the value and use of an autoresponder

An autoresponder, allows you to send pre constructed messages to your contact on pre selected dates. Yes, you can make sure your contact stay updated on events, products, alerts, and any other information you want to provide. Using an autoreponder can save you a lot of time and money. Effectively applied it can help grow your business and income!!! Too many business owners are NOT employing this tool , that very successful business owners us daily!!!!

Take a read http://www.juniques.ws/ar and see what this business is doing with autoresponder. 

Using an autoresponder allows you to "capture" contact information and grow your contact list. 
You can also do surveys with an autoresponder. You can measure how well you are doing providing great customer service. You can gather customer information on products/services you .provide. 

You can use an autoreponder to help you determine if offering a new product/service merits your consideration!!! Yes your time is money. You should NOT waste time or money!!!!

An autoreponder, effectively used, will become one of strongest business building , profit increasing, tools you have!!!

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