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4 Signs That Itís Time to Break Up
Category: GENERAL
Tags: break up relationships badly matched walk away
Hello ladies! Itís Mirabelle here!
Anyone else watch romance shows on TV like The Bachelor? Itís my guilty pleasure when I have the TV remote all to myself, he he.
Sometimes you can CLEARLY tell that a couple just isnít going to work. Their communication styles donít work, or their life passions just donít match, or maybe they just have such different personalities that you can see lots of arguments and disagreements coming.
Well, badly matched couples make for entertaining viewing on TV but in real life we all want to be in a GREAT relationship without too many hiccups.
But other times, a couple starts out great and then just seems to plateau. They get stuck in the ďokĒ zone. Itís just not going anywhere and if youíre not carefulÖ
Ö you can waste years and YEARS of your life with the wrong guy.
Itís what I call a ďcoma relationship zoneĒ.
Have you ever felt like there is something important missing in your relationship, but you didnít want to be alone either?
In my twenties I was dating a guy for quite a long time. One day, I looked at him and realized that our relationship had been at a stand-still for a while. Even though I LIKED him, I didnít really want to spend the rest of my life with him.
It was so hard to know what to do though! I was scared to break up.
Itís not like he cheated on me or anything.But in my heart I knew that I needed to pull the plug and move on.
Nothing was wrong Ė but I wasnít excited about the relationship either.
Sometimes it's actually harder to break up when there is nothing dramatically "wrong", but just because nothing awful has happened doesn't mean you're in a great relationship either.
Have you ever been in that situation?
I finally had to get to the point where I put my happiness first Ė after all we only get one life on this earth. I want my life to be full of joy, contentment, excitement and a really fulfilling relationship Ė and Iím sure you do too.
Turns out he wasnít feeling it anymore either, but we were both too afraid of calling it quits.
Most of us have been in a relationship that we keep pumping life into, but we havenít realized it isnít breathing anymore. Itís really tough to decide when to walk away or to keep giving the relationship ďemotional CPR.Ē
So, Iím here to help you today with this head scratcher Ė what are the signs that itís time to leave a relationship?
If Youíve Asked Him What He Wants
As we all know so well, men are mysteries. But if youíre experiencing some relationship issues, ask him what he wants out of the relationship Ė straight up and to the point. Donít beat around the bush!
Guys appreciate plain-faced honesty.
  • Do you feel like what he wants from you is unrealistic?
  • Does he make you feel like youíre not doing a good job or pulling your weight?
If you feel like you canít give him what heís looking for, itís time to move on.
That doesnít say anything about what you can give Ė because girl, I know youíre awesome and Iím sure you can blow any guy awayÖif you want to!
Relationships just donít work sometimes and thatís perfectly okay. Thereís no shame in walking away.
If Youíve Told Him What You Want
Iíll be the first to admit that it can be tough to ask for what I want.
For some reason, lots of women can feel uncomfortable about demanding or clearly spelling out what weíre looking forÖ
BUTÖ Thatís SO not the case!
Tell your man exactly what you need from him. Be honest. Donít sell yourself short. You deserve the best in your relationships. And men have a hard time figuring that out sometimesÖunless we spell it out for them!
If he cares enough about you, heíll make every effort he can to be with you. He will listen to what you say, and put in the hard work necessary to be that person for you.
Sadly, like I said before, some couples just donít fit together.
Maybe youíve told him what you want, and it didnít seem to change his attitude much. Maybe he heard you, but thinks youíll let it slide because youíve been together for so long.
Remember, you deserve the best, and you deserve to be heard, especially by the most important man in your life.
If youíve clearly explained what you need and heís not listening, that might be your signal that itís time to head for the door!
If Youíve Made a Real Effort . . . and He Hasnít
At this point, you and your man have had a good heart-to-heart about what youíre both looking for in your relationship and you both promised to work harder for each other.
Youíve put in the work for him and have tirelessly made efforts to deepen your bond. . .
But you realize that youíve been putting in more effort than he has. Ouch!
Uh-huh. Youíre worth the work and if he canít give you his effort, maybe your efforts are better spent elsewhere.
If You Arenít Happy
This one may seem way too simple, but itís absolutely the most important sign that itís time to end things.
If you think through your emotions when youíre around him and one of your top answers isnít happiness, there is a BIG problem!
Being with your man should fill your heart with love and your skin with goosebumps! It should be that warm feeling of being home.
You need to be happy with the man youíre with, plain and simple. Thatís never too much to ask.
No relationship is perfect, but if you are deeply unhappy or even Ďnot particularly happyí more than about 10% of the time, itís not worth it.
ďButÖ Iíve already put so much time into this relationship!Ē
Now, I know there are probably a few of you who are thinking ďWell, weíve been together for ten years, whatís the point of quitting now?Ē Woah girl, hold up!
No, no, no! Donít fall into that line of thinking! If itís time to leave, itís time to leave. Wouldnít it feel so much better to walk away and start fresh rather than being stuck in a bad relationship for way too long?
I know it can be scary to walk away from a long-term relationship, but I promise you that if youíre doing daily ďrelationship CPRĒ Öitís time to move on!
Mirabelle Summers

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