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Crowd Investing for Underserved Communities of Color
Category: GENERAL
Tags: crowdinvesting bill huston underserved communities president obama 2012 job acts alternative financing

Crowd Investing For Underserved Communities of Color


Crowd Investing for Underserved Communities of Color

Bill Huston
CMO & Crowdinvesting Consultant at FundWest Louisvile, LLC

Introduction to Alternative Finance

Business owners are acutely aware that most small businesses, small scale real estate developers, and startups struggle to get access to capital and underserved communities of color receive extremely small amounts of funding from traditional funding sources. So, instead of protesting and complaining maybe small businesses and small-scale real estate developers should begin to implement different methods of alternative capital deployment. We are going to talk about different types of investment alternatives that are on the cutting edge of new capital formation for underserved and communities of color.

Local Investment Clubs

A traditional investment club is a small group of individual investors who come together to learn, share investing experiences, and help each other become more successful investors. Clubs provide education, camaraderie and buying power, plus the confidence of knowing you don’t have to go it alone. Clubs can also choose not to pool investment dollars and instead simply come together to discuss investment ideas and analysis.

The Crowd Investing Twist

Local crowd investment clubs will have a focus on investing in local businesses and local small scale real estate development in underserved communities using crowd investing to allow the club members the ultimate reward derived from local crowd investing to be owner, customer and brand advocate all at the same time. Again this is a way to build local wealth and create in underserved communities.

Impact Investing from Corporate and Philanthropic Foundations

Local place-based impact investments make a lot of sense for foundations because the benefits that locavesting bring to both the investor and the community where they live can be immense. So, let’s take the next logical step and examine why more philanthropic and corporate foundations should look to the local market to make impact investments along with a small percentage of their endowments that they use to make grants. This really makes sense with the new Opportunity Zone legislation and the ability to run crowd investing offers side-by-side to provide a pathway for inclusive investing from zone residents.

Poverty and Inclusive Investment

So many of the problems and issues that plague inner-city communities are poverty based and many of them stem from government policies such as redlining and urban renewal. If foundations change their relationships to these communities from charity and began the process of providing location-based impact investment into these communities coupled with crowd investing as an inclusive investment option to fund local businesses, small scale real estate development, and wealth building initiatives based on market principles many of the poverty-based issues could be addressed.


Crowd investing is the truly revolutionary centerpiece of the JOBS Act of 2012. It became legal on May 16th, 2016. Crowd investing provides a platform for small scale real estate developers and small companies to raise money from the general public—wealthy, not wealthy, friend or stranger—as long as the investment takes place on a web site operated by a traditional broker-dealer or an S.E.C.-sanctioned crowdfunding portal, and certain other requirements are met the process is simple and straightforward. There are many protections built into the process by the SEC and FINRA to protect investors.

The Rules Exist

Specifically, the law allows companies to raise up to $1 million in a 12-month period from the public. Investors are capped at the greater of $2,000 or 5% of their income if their annual income or net worth is less than $100,000. The final rules also impose a limit on how much those with an income or net worth greater than $100,000 can make: they are limited to $10,000 per year or 10% of their income or net worth.

Alternative Finance

There are many new and emerging forms of alternative finance that provide the democratization of capital in underserved communities of color. Many of the communities find themselves isolated in urban centers and are areas of concentrated poverty. These areas of concentrated poverty tend to be places that lack hope and many residents become trapped in the despair and hopelessness of the environment. But just like policy created these communities. Policy and the commitment of investors, developers, and entrepreneurs can transform these communities using market principles.  

Understanding Crowd Investing

Securing capital for businesses and real estate development in underserved communities of color has always been a very daunting task and in some cases, it has been flatly denied by government policy such as “Redlining”. Since the “Great Recession,” it has been increasingly difficult for small businesses and small scale real estate developers to secure finance through traditional channels. As a result, more and more businesses are turning to crowd investing to raise the necessary funds.

Online investors have been quick to respond to the growing number of investment opportunities and offer and, as a result, crowd investing is growing by leaps and bounds. The process has been slower in communities of color for a number of reasons, but has a mission to provide the needed education to position communities to take full advantage of this President Obama era law.  

Join Us

If you want to learn more about community capital and crowd investing’s ability to create change in your community, business venture, or small scale real estate development come over to and learn how to make this information actionable for you and your community




Introducing Bill Huston, Nationally Recognized Expert on CrowdFunding and Crowd Investing
Category: GENERAL
Tags: bill huston crowdfunding crowdinvesting expert crowdfunding ourcrowdrocks buytheblock social capital juniques community capital

Mr Bill Huston, 

CMO & Crowdinvesting Consultant at Fund West Louisvile, LLC


please click here to listen to audio version

Bill Huston educates entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and small businesses on how to raise community capital using CRA funds, Impact Investing, Opportunity Funds, and crowdfunding strategically to help them attain their financial, marketing, and business goals. Bill has over 15 years of experience in digital marketing, business development, and fundraising for nonprofits, small businesses, and startups.

Ranked as one of the top 19 crowdfunding consultants globally by Inc. Magazine and a sought-after speaker. Bill works as Business Development Consultant for the innovative and cutting-edge New Legacy Reentry Corp and is the primary driver for their Project WE community economic development initiative that utilizes Opportunity Zone, Impact Investing, CRA funds, and Regulation Crowdfunding for capital formation.
Bill Co-Founded Our Crowd Rocks in 2014 as crowdfunding consulting and digital marketing company based in Louisville, Kentucky. As CEO, Chief Consultant, and Digital Strategist where his duties are to research the digital marketing and crowdfunding ecosystems for new technologies and best practices, and then to communicate these findings through the company blog, eBooks, social media, email newsletter, speaking engagements, and any other platforms available. Bill also works with Buy the Block Title III real estate crowd investing platform as media and marketing director and is a board member of NC3.

WeCycl is a community capital consultancy that focuses on social entrepreneurs, real estate development, and nonprofits that are creating a business to solve social issues. We focus on building engaged and excited crowds that will allow for Non-Profits & Social Enterprises to successfully participate in the community capital and locavesting driven economy. We provide
information, strategies, and coaching on the latest and most innovative community capital economy tools and techniques. After years of seeing worthwhile community development projects going undeveloped in inner-cities by a lack of capital and community participation WeCycl introduces underserved communities to the community capital as a solution. 

Community capital economy provides real productivity that when layered on the Internet creates an abundance of resources and opportunity. This people-powered economy is driven by the crowd and access to community capital. It is the way the society lives, works, and plays in the digital age. The crowd economy is a paradigm shift that challenges traditional notions of the “norm” while expanding possibilities.

The hallmark of the digital age is social connections that are boosted by the web and mobile networks. These technological advances have taken collaboration and cooperation to a level never seen before in human history. Social connections through the web have gone beyond social media likes and shares and has evolved into social productivity - a phenomenon that arises when networked crowds collaborate to solve problems, raise funds, and come up with innovative ideas and solutions.

WeCycl Services
Provides workshops that introduce the Community Capital Economy:
* Crowdfunding
* Crowd Investing
* Impact Investing
* Opportunity Funds
* Community Reinvestment Act
* Provides one-on-one coaching and consulting to structure campaigns
* Provide support with communications, PR, branding, and marketing coaching and services
* Provide support for strategic business planning
* We are a crowd investment agency focused on community development
Speaking, Writing and Events
* We create and lead workshops, on the topics central to our research and advice.
* Working with key partners our events are often streamed and have included ground breaking social formats that have engaged extended audiences.
* Like our research our events are both self-initiated and commissioned by third partners and sponsors.


Events I have been involved in:
* Cadia Startup Exchange Business Engineering for Funding & Growth
* The Virtual Crowdfunding Summit 2015 Event Page


* The 2017 Crowd Invest Summit
* BDPA Education and Technology Foundation iRadio Show
* The 14th annual Bluegrass Minority Business Expo
* The 15th annual Bluegrass Minority Business Expo
* Cincinnati Blacks in Technology: Serving the community through Crowdfunding


INC. Magazine Names Bill Huston Top 19 Global Crowdfunding Experts
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Crowdfunding Master class #5 with Bill Huston, Alon Goren and host Josef Holm
Crowdfunding consultant Bill Huston share campaign advice
The digital inclusion video
The Crowd Invest Summit Video
Organizations and Boards
NC3 Board Member
Buy The Block PR and Media
New Legacy Reentry Corp. Executive Committee Member



Juniques Multi Cultural Connections owner, Mr. Rickey Johnson, was blessed on Friday, 15 March 2019, to form a strategic alliance with Mr. Bill Huston organization. 

We shall deliver the most relevant information about crowdfunding and crowdinvesting that is  available . 

We have also formed an education division that will help anyone who wants to become an crowdinvesting advisor to have the means to do so. Yes, we added an financial reward

option for any who want to share our workshops. 


Please contact me if you would like to gain more information about Mr. Bill Huston, his services and his availabilty for speaking at your company/organization


contact Rickey  623-455-6364

[email protected]


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