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Getting Physically Fit Help Your Business Success
Category: GENERAL
Tags: fitness healthy

It's the New Year and the time for new resolutions. Nine times out of ten, people decide to incorporate a fitness regime in their New Year resolution. Every person wants to stay healthy, yes, even people who are obese! But, they just don’t know how to go about being fit. Every year fitness centric New Year resolutions are made and forgotten. Here is how you can start your New Year with the right fitness regime that will suit your needs.

Answering the Question: Why?

Different people have different requirements. Some people want to lose excess weight, while others just want to maintain their weight. There are still others who just want to keep fit. A few others, suffering from medical conditions, see a fitness regime as one of the ways, which might affect their condition is a manner that is positive and curative. Once you answer the question as to why you want to embark upon a fitness regime, you can effectively work out a program that is good for you and the one that you can adhere to. 


Objective of the Fitness Regime

It's necessary to have a goal when you start a fitness program. This will help you pace yourself better and if there is an objective in mind, there is a reason not to stop exercising. Having a specific goal, will also help map your progress when you workout and help you decide whether the chosen fitness regime is effective or not. A goal is a very important part of your New Year’s fitness resolution. 

You can either quantify your objective, meaning, arrive at a weight loss figure that you want to reach; or you can have a general goal. However, one thing must be made certain of. Aim for a goal that you can achieve.

Gym is not the Only Option

Most people, who want to lose weight or achieve certain standards of fitness, make their way to the gym; however this option requires loads of time and effort. This is, of course, apart from the sweat you work up, with the exercise.

Typically, when you decide to go to a gym, you need to spare the time taken to reach the gym, park the car, waiting time for the equipment, shower, and then the time taken to go back home. Many a times, people just cannot afford to spend the time required, or follow the daily routine demanded by the gym. Before you choose this option, you must know for sure, the amount of time you can devote to a planned workout, in a gym. Only then must you join a gym.

Home Based Fitness Regime

You can even embark upon a fitness regime from the comfort of your home. There are numerous workout equipments available in the market today, like a treadmill, bicycle etc. Fitness experts would tell you that walking and running are the easier, natural, and more pleasing forms of exercise, which also help build stamina, promote weight loss, and make for healthy living. 

You can accomplish all this from your home, using a treadmill. Using a treadmill or any other exercise equipment can be done in your own time, and in a manner that is comfortable and secure. 

Be Prepared For a Diet

Fitness and diet go hand in hand. You cannot start a fitness program and not have a clear cut diet plan. Once you get rid of those excess calories on a daily basis, you must see to it that, your body is replenished with enough nutrients. A nutritious diet is the key to a successful fitness program. Only a judicious mix of exercise and diet can help achieve the New Year fitness objective that you have set for yourself.


This is one abstract that must make for a significant component of your fitness endeavor. Commitment cannot be quantified, but it’s definitely required in huge amounts if you are to have any hope of following your New Year’s resolution to the letter.


A fixed daily routine becomes quite boring after a while. It’s important to not lose interest and continue with your exercise and diet plan. Most people, stop exercising, once they think that they can no longer lose more weight then than they have lost. Others just get lazy or are plain unexcited by the prospect of the daily exercise regimen.

Incorporate an interest factor in your fitness program. You can do this by making certain changes in the exercises or focusing on short-term goals. The lesser the monotonous nature of the regimen, the more the chances, that you will carry the resolution through till the very end.

These are just a few pointers that must be considered before you start working on your New Years Resolution. These are definitely not the only factors that one must consider to start the year with the right fitness regime, but they will definitely help you embark upon a successful fitness plan.

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A Tough Love approach to Health and Fitness for children
Category: GENERAL
Tags: fitness workout aerobics

Yesterday at the grocery store, I came across a child, who was about 8-years-old. She was lying on the floor flailing her arms and legs yelling “I want a chocolate bar.” I could have predicted the outcome. The child continued to scream until mom put a chocolate bar in the cart.

The crying ceased instantly.

As they passed, I took note of the contents of the grocery cart - Coco Puffs cereal, soda, 3 bulk bags of potato chips, chocolate covered granola bars, macaroni & cheese, hot dogs…you get the drift. Try as I might I couldn’t help but feel scared for that child’s future.

You see, a long time ago I was that obese little girl. I was unhappy with my body, but I dulled the pain by eating – chips, chocolate bars, hotdogs.

I threw tantrums because I knew my mother didn’t have the patience and would just give me what I wanted.

By the age of 12 I was 4-foot, 11-inches and 135-pounds. My doctor put me on a restrictive diet.
However, I would steal money from my parents to buy candy. It didn’t make sense to me. I was allowed to eat those foods before. Why were punishing me? I hated myself more.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention   (https://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/childhood.html)
Childhood obesity is a serious problem in the United States putting kids at risk for poor health. Despite recent declines in the prevalence among preschool-aged children, obesity amongst all children is still too high.

Fast food and activities have taken over the family roost.

I’m sorry I have to lay this responsibility on the parents, but kids only practice what you preach.

If they see you eating poorly; they’ll follow suit.

Practice what you preach by adopting and enforcing these FitnessGear101.com family lifestyle changes:

•    Explain the difference between health food choices and non-healthy food choices.

•    Sit down and compile a weekly grocery lists with your child.

•    Let them go with you to the grocery store and shop only for the foods on the list.

•    Get kids involved in preparing healthy meals, so they adopt healthy habits for life.

•    It’s normal to shelter our kids from ridicule. However if your child is obese their health is at risk and tough love encouragement is needed, for example: “honey, you are overweight, but I believe in you and I’ll support you because I love you.”  

•    Never use food as a reward. Instead reward them with mini-golfing or baseball.

•    Ditch the clean-plate policy. If your child is full, don't force them to finish.

•    Institute an open policy about food. Kids should be comfortable telling you when they’re hungry and not hungry without fear you’ll get mad.

•    Don't eliminate snacks. It will lead to lying and binge eating outside the home. Instead plan a cheat meal once a week when they’re allowed any foods they want.

•    Encourage physical activity. It will get them up and out and encourage them to socialize with other active kids.

•    Never allow eating in front of the TV. This encourages passive eating, and the child won’t concentrate on how much they’re eating or when they’re full.

•    Limit TV or video games to 1 hour per day. The rest of the time, keep them busy with outdoor activities.

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Category: GENERAL

The Fitness Angel Foundation and SETAY Dance and Fitness invites you to join us  Saturday April 11,2015 as we kick off our Non-Profit "Help a Senior Workout!" Fundraiser.  Please lend your support by donating funds as you attend our Free Fitness Talent Showcase between 8am and Noon. Vendors are welcome to donate $50 per table. Contact Carroll Roberts @ [email protected] or 602-618-9198 or Annette Yates @ [email protected] for additional details and to make donations.

Life Matters in South Phoenix Fundraiser

Join SETAY Dance and Fitness (Annette Yates), The Fitness Angel Foundation (Carroll Roberts), BP Team AZ Isagenix, (Bill Pankey) and

Gregory's Fresh Market (Diana Gregory) as we host a fundraiser to prove that life matters to seniors who desire fitness opportunities but  are not financially able to pay for classes.

The "Life Matters in South Phoenix” Fundraiser will be held Saturday April 11, 2015 8am to Noon at SETAY Dance and Fitness, 3220 E.

Baseline Rd. # 116, Phoenix, AZ. For additional event and donation

information please send inquiries from the Contact Us page of



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