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She is Jennifer Newberry some know her by SWEDISH, You will know her as soulful Tags: jennifer newberry swedish soul music heart felt international

Hello Community,

I am please to share with you a musical artist, I had to pleasure to meet in 2009.  Jennifer Newberry music is  delightful, soulful, playful, deep, and gives your musical appetite a real feeding!!!   Here is a interview I did with her in 2009 and here is also a way to here her music!!!

Listen to our interview. It was a lot of fun!!  Jennifer Newberry is one artist who also wants to make a positive contribution to the world!!!!

Listen to here songs!!!!!!  I really like Be Who You Are,  Daddy,

Your Own Wineclub for $70 Tags: wine wineclub international low cost one time cost free wine discount wines
Start Your WineClub for $70

Hello And Great Day to you!! ,
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I am actively promoting a new wine club which
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Wine is a great incentive and reward for customers.
It is a appreciation gift that can be personally used
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to be remembered when your service is needed.

This is a great joint venture opportunity.

Please check out the wine club

It is a direct sale company, establishing itself in
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Looking forward to networking with you.

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Let it Go Lush Remix
Category: GENERAL
Tags: international asian female vocalist

These ladies bring it!!!

Lush members Jamie, Mini and Sara share the same age; they are all 25 years old. 

Lush’s members are experienced vocalists having prior experience behind the scenes as back up vocals for some of Korea’s top artists as well as vocal trainers and working on albums of several famous artists.



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