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Of Course You listen to a Man who has created Millions for Others
Category: GENERAL
Tags: jr jay abraham blogs

 Rickey johnson,

JR, our mysterious self-styled "chronicler" of the diverse spectrum of wild things I do – struck again, and has created 27 rather provocative "Compression Blogs."

They distill and summarize, then squarely explain and illustrate the core-essence of a dizzying array of all new strategic approaches, breakthrough distinctions, AND unique hybrid concepts I get deeply involved in.

We call these “Compressed Blogs” because they are compressed versions of the more hands-on, private, one-on-one and group consulting (or strategic/marketing makeovers) I’ve conducted... not in the last few years, but the last few months!

The guy has an uncanny knack for representing my mind and methods in a stunningly succinct, remarkably clear, and amazingly actionable form – and delivers demystified/simplified summaries of some very powerful, but complex, things I'm working on/with.

Reading his insights is much like the Lays potato chip commercial: I don't believe you can read JUST ONE of these 27 compression blogs… without wanting to eat-up all the rest.

Click here to access JR’s “Compressed Blogs”




Of course, none of these sell anything. They're merely pure, unadulterated – exceedingly well-reasoned and exceptionally well-presented "knowledge transfer" from my brain – through JR's – and finally over to YOU!

You'll thoroughly enjoy the rewarding ideas in each of these 27 blogs – or I'll give you your money back (oh, I forgot I don't charge you for any of this).















Become What you Want By Doing It!!! Consistently!!
Category: GENERAL
Tags: juniques business article martin luther king jr black business juniques publishing juniques author

Hello JMCC community,

To become what you set your mind to, you must take action steps everyday, to make your mind energy convert to physical energy.

Many say they what be to produce a book, become an author, a published writer, influence people, report the truth, and more.

Sometimes you just have to take that first step and the rest will become history!!



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