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Having fun 6th Annual AfricanAmerican Conference on Disabilities
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I had a great time at

The 6th Annual African American Conference on Disabilities presented by UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, took place Friday, February 17, 2017 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Desert Willow Conference Center (4340 E. Cotton Center Blvd., Phoenix 85040). You can attend next year. 

Put this event on your must attend calendar for 2018

The 6th Annual African American Conference on Disabilities- JMCC attended from juniques marketing on Vimeo.

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Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins and Me Gift 3.2
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Here the continuing business growth strategies and knowledge Jay Abraham share at NO COST!!!

Success leave evidence!!  Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, has left evidence you can use!!!

Rickey johnson:

The entire concept behind “50 Shades of Jay” is to give you an enormous spectrum of insight and understanding into my life’s work - - and more importantly, my most salient perspectives and worldviews.

A few days ago I sent 50 Shades of Jay - #3. It was two-part, with the second being a 90-minute dual session I did in Las Vegas with Tony Robbins at his Business Mastery Conclave.

Well I’ve done three different versions of this process for Tony. Once a year ago in London, the one you saw a few days ago in the “50 Shades of Jay - #3 Email...”

And, the version I did in late January in Palm Beach, Florida which was totally different for two interesting reasons:

  1. Tony wasn’t the collaborator interviewer. His Master of Ceremonies facilitates my session, because Tony was doing interviews on his new book.
  2. I pretty much was the total session – although the interview threw some worthy questions at me.

I thought you might enjoy seeing the video of that session too - - as a stimulating contrast. So it’s included here. abraham.com/50shades

But because it really IS a derivative of Shade #3 - - I’m calling it Shade 3.2 and not really counting it against the remaining 47 Shades I’ve promised to send.

A number of colleagues who’ve viewed this second Tony Robbins Business Mastery Video have told me it’s a deeper, richer showcase of my latest thinking and strategic beliefs.

Why not watch it, then decide for yourself?

And please - - if it holds meaningful value - - Share it with as many other deserving people as possible who I wouldn’t be able to reach on my own.

Enjoy Shade 3.2 – Me at the Tony Robbins January Palm Beach, Florida Business Mastery Session.



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