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Bluetooth/Beacon Technology changing Advertising!!! Tags: beacon bluetooth google beacon apple ibeacon advertising low cost adverting mybusinessus

Hello Community,
Are you investigating the new approach many companies are reaching new and existing customers?  It called Beacon or Proximity Marketing.

This is using what most digital device have, bluetooth communication. 


Beacon technology is poised to change the way consumers interact with brands, making devices more helpful and revolutionizing the way retail marketers measure the offline impact of online ads.
Location-based marketing and proximity marketing with beacons are projected to grow exponentially in the next few years.

Bluetooth Advertising Beacons The New Promotion Option!!!!
Get Your Ad Seen On Android Phones All Around You!

What Is a Beacon? Webopedia Definition

Beacons transmit small amounts of data via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) up to 50 meters, and as a result are often used for indoor location technology, although beacons can be used outside as well.

The Industry Leaders
Google's Eddystone and Apple's iBeacon are the two most commonly implemented beacon protocols.

There are many ways to put this technology to good use for your business

Nearby Notifications makes shopping better by helping shoppers get things done with their phone, such as scanning items to get reviews or splitting the bill for their table in a restaurant. The technology also makes it easier for consumers to get useful information, whether that means seeing if an item is in stock or locating that same item while in-store.

For example, in the last year, United Airlines installed beacons that work with Nearby Notifications on Android phones. These beacons help consumers prepare for an upcoming flight by helping them install the in-flight entertainment app that's available for mobile devices.

There are many more ways to put this low cost technology to use. 
Beacons can be purchased for $15 ( battery life can be up to 3 years)

Stay tuned as share more about this proven technology that most small business owners are not using!!

Bluetooth Advertising Beacons The New Promotion Option!!!!
Get Your Ad Seen On Android Phones All Around You!

Your Own Wineclub for $70 Tags: wine wineclub international low cost one time cost free wine discount wines
Start Your WineClub for $70

Hello And Great Day to you!! ,
I am always looking for great ways
to support each other business building endeavors.

I am actively promoting a new wine club which
provides premium quality wines.

Wine is a great incentive and reward for customers.
It is a appreciation gift that can be personally used
or shared. It is great way to add your branding ( company)
to be remembered when your service is needed.

This is a great joint venture opportunity.

Please check out the wine club

It is a direct sale company, establishing itself in
the consumer to consumer, business to consumer and business to business marketplace.

Looking forward to networking with you.

At your service.
[email protected]
get on our contact list

Options available

Automatic monthly ordering

One time orders that reduce wine buys 

20% to 40%

Get 3 customers and recieve monthly wine shipment


VIRAL MARKETING SYSTEM 5 DOLLARS for 5 Years Seniors Friendly Tags: viral marketing low cost viral ads rotating ads

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