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5 Must Have Questions In A Sales Letter
Category: GENERAL
Tags: advertising resell online business website ecommerce SEO internet marketing ebay affiliate marketing alternatives traffic tips

5 Must Have Questions In A Sales Letter - Must Know by Rickey Johnson

The Secrets behind Sales Letter finally revealed! If you want to know how they make it, you'll definitely need to know what they're doing.

People have included all kinds of sales pitch in their sales letter but sometimes still wouldn’t achieve the results they want. The importance of a sales letter is likened to having a shop to sell cars. If the looks of your shop isn’t delivering a good impression, no one will be going to buy your cars.

Thus, you must make sure that your sales letter have answers to the most basic questions, and instill interest in your visitors towards your product just with these five specific questions:

1. What’s in it for me?

The number one rule of salesmanship – people only buy for one reason, which is for getting the results from a product, what they will receive out of it. To achieve this, you must be quick in catching their attention since the beginning with your headline. Create a very convincing headline and tell your visitors what they will get in one shot through your headline.

2. How will my life be better?

 This is where you have to understand the emotional appeals that attract your prospects like moths to a flame. Do they want to become richer, smarter, better looking, thinner or more popular? Do they want to save time, money or effort? 

Study your niche market until you know what emotional buttons to push and you’ll see a huge increase in your sales instantly. Use their desires to attract themselves, that’s where you will get them nodding their heads and continue reading right until the end.

3. Why should I trust you? 

People are skeptical when it requires them to take out their wallets in order to buy a certain product. You need to clear their doubts by providing positive testimonials from your previous customers and emphasize the benefits of your product.

If you don’t have testimonials for your product, search for forums related to your niche and offer to give a complimentary copy in exchange for a testimonial – usually you will get a hot response in no time.

4. What will happen if I say no?

 You are not going to let them say no, that’s it. Remind them about the problems that they are having, the frustrations, how much money will they lose, or how sad their lives are currently – and tell them how they can change all of them in one shot, just by a small investment in your product.

5. Will I be stuck with your product? 

This is where you seal the deal. Tell them that you provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, they must get it now. The most important thing is to make them buy, and the rest depends on their choices. 70% of the people who purchase a product will not refund it unless they have seen something similar before or they’ve planned to only “borrow” it since the beginning.

When you have all these points to answer your prospects’ questions in your sales letter, not only will you gain an unfair advantage over your competition but also let your prospect know that you care about their problems and you have the solution that they need.

Thank you for reading this article. Make sure you join our online community at and our linked in group

at Looking forward to networking with you!!!

Paypal Closes Onine Accounts
Category: GENERAL
Tags: leaseadspace payment processors payza paypal stp solidtrustpay online business
Atnn JMCC community, We use this service to promote JMCC.

So this info has real impact on business growth. 

I strongly suggest you establish a 

solid trust pay account  

and a 

payza account

JMCC offers both of these payment processors

Paypal has done this before and will continue to do this

limit/close online business companies with multi tiered payment plans, multi tiered compensations,, and definitely any MLM structured company.    

Here is what is happening for Leased Ad Space accounts

FRIDAY, 4 NOV 2106

As most of you know by now, Paypal is limiting or freezing people's accounts, apparently without rhyme or reason. It seems that they are targeting the entire "Internet Marketing Niche" and "Work at Home Niche" with these bans and suspensions.

You do not have to be a site owner to have this happen to you. We've received numerous reports of consumers being limited or banned as well. In fact, one of the LAS owners, several of our founding members and DOZENS of our most successful members have had their Paypal accounts limited in the past two days alone.

They're not the first, and they certainly won't be the last. Paypal has been heavily targeting tons of marketers and program owners in the past several months, but they have accelerated their "ban hammer" in the past 3 days. In the past few days alone we've seen MANY HUNDREDS of LAS members DROP Paypal from their payment options in LeasedAdSpace themselves without any prompting from us, presumably out of fear that they may have their accounts limited.

As a result, we will be REMOVING Paypal from Leased Ad Space as an approved purchase / payment option effective immediately.

What does this mean for us at Leased Ad Space?

1. Members can no longer purchase packages using Paypal, nor can they accept Paypal payments for the purchase of traffic packages.

2. As marketers, you will need to sign up and use other payment processors. Most program owners are already adding Payza and Solid Trust Pay as their options. Luckily, we already support BOTH of these other payment providers. We suspected this could happen eventually, and did not want to keep all of our eggs in one basket.

3. We have to change. Everyone in our niche is now scrambling to find alternatives and quickly develop support for them. We as marketers relied upon Paypal only, for far to many years. We got a bit lazy to be honest.

Why is Paypal doing this?

As we said earlier, their is no rhyme or reason to it. They send canned emails to people when they do it, and the emails basically say the same thing, no matter what the business model is. They offer little in the way of explanation and require LOTS of tedious and burdensome work to try and get your account "unbanned". Many people are not successful in lifting the ban.

We've seen this happen before, years ago with Stormpay, which was an extremely popular payment processor. It basically vanished over night. Some of you long timers like us may remember them...

In the coming weeks you will hear many peoples opinion about why Paypal is doing this, but nobody really knows except Paypal. It honestly seems like they are trying to get rid of the entire "make money at home" niche. All of us. That's just our opinion though. We don't have any proof of that.

Whats the solution?

We keep moving forward..

1. Stop using Paypal, at LEAST for online marketing, and transfer most of your funds back to your bank. Before they limit you or freeze your account.

2. If you haven't already... sign up to Payza and Solid Trust Pay, and follow their verification process, just like you did with Paypal when you signed up with them. Open a business account with them. Its free to do.

As with any payment processor, sometimes the verification process can be a little tricky. Just do it... unless you do not want to make money online anymore?

Once you've signed up, make sure to add your payment details in your profile in Leased Ad Space. Most of you already have Payza and Solid Trust Pay accounts configured in LAS, but if you don't, you should move quickly to secure your financial freedom.

We are working diligently to find and build support for a third payment processor to replace Paypal. This will ensure we are open for business to most of the world. The more people we are open to doing business with the better for all involved.

Just to be clear, this isn't just a LeasedAdSpace problem. The entire INDUSTRY is having to deal with this, as Paypal is limiting TENS OF THOUSANDS of accounts in the past few days alone. And it's not just site owners who are being targeted. Individual purchasers are being hit as well. Soon Paypal will be a complete non factor in our industry, and you won't be able to use it for your work at home endeavors.

We saw the potential for this kind of event many months ago and have thought long and hard about what our options might be. To again be clear, we're doing this to PROTECT your Paypal accounts, not because we don't like Paypal. If we didn't take this step, our members accounts could be negatively affected and we just can't allow that. We understand that this is extremely inconvenient... perhaps even burdensome for some. Please understand we didn't take this step lightly and we're doing our best to act in the best interest of all of our members, including you.

We will press on and persevere, moving ever forward! We'll push through this Paypal insanity to something even bigger! We will not be beaten down into submission! We all just need to stand together and declare our financial independence by using payment processors that respect our industry instead of persecuting it. And we need to educate people about the dangers of tying themselves to a single payment processor. We will carry on... with just a little bit of change... together!

And hey, as a side note for you people who love bitcoin, with Payza you can deposit and withdraw using it! ;)

To your success my friends!!

Dan Robb and Richard Weberg
Why Did You Join Your Online Business
Category: GENERAL
Tags: online business promotions marketing

Why Did You Join Your Online Business? Was it to Earn Money? READ THIS!

Why did you join your  online business.

Was it only to earn money?

People who you contact will quickly discover that too!!

Building a team is critical in succeeding in your online business.

If your only motive is to earn money and product really does not matter,

that too will quickly become known.


You can at that moment, recognize and accept, for you, "Game Over".

 It is important you have correct "business fit".

Like getting your clothes "tailored-fitted". You feel and look better, then the "off the rack fitting".

Where you just hope it looks good on you.

 Your business selection is just as critical.

You must really believe in the product you promote. Yes, if you only offer the product  because you get a commission for getting other to offer the product. Success will not be your companion on the"road of life".

Any product can produce that result.

Actually, you could just "drop" the product and tell your prospect

"just send in your $30 per month and get others to do the same, and the income projections will be real!".

Some would call that gifting. Truly, this is one of the reason the industry stat "98% fail in Networking Marketing" holds true.

Ok, next critical reality.  You must build a team to help you grow your business and to help grow theirs!!!!


Have a system designed to help your team grow the "properly fitted business".

 No one, I repeat, No one, should be trying to "reinvent the wheel".

 There are proven promoting and recruiting tool available now for any serious business builder.

Fortunately, many are available at very low cost.

 Yes, I have a recommendation, ( thought I wouldn't  smile)

go to this location

Business tools to build your business for only $9.95 per month


I like this system, its professional and its affordable.

It is also easy to assist your team with. Critical. You want your team to

be able to work independently from you. Yes, dependent on team

assist but not depend on any one person. Think on that for a moment.

Ok, I will bring you additional observations and recommendation.

Until we speak or meet Have Fantastic days and may great wealth and great

health, be your constant companions, on the road of life.

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At your service,


my business tool/team building recommedation
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