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A Family of Black Writers successfully publishing their travel books
Category: GENERAL

Success is what this family of writers create!!

Jennaye Fennell and her three children authors

Based in Atlanta, Jennaye Fennell and her three children are all successful published authors. Combined, they have written 7 books in total, and most of their books are based on a series called Fennell Adventures that encourages young people to take an interest in traveling.

How it all started
During a family trip to Hawaii, Jennaye's 9-year old son, Jace, told her that he wanted to write a book to inspire other children to enjoy reading and traveling just as much as he does. After returning home, he got started immediately and soon after released his first book entitled Journey through Hawaii with Jace. He later wrote a second book, Journey through Cuba with Jace.

This made a huge impression on Jace's younger brother, 8-year old Merl; He quickly became inspired to become an author just like his big brother. Merl said, “Mom, I go on these trips too. Can you help me write a book like Jace?"  Soon after, Journey through Texas with Merl was added to the Fennell Adventure series. And since then, Merl has written another book entitled Journey through New Orleans with Merl.

But wait there's more

The boys' older sister, 15-year old Jiyah decided that she wanted to get in on the action as well. She had already been a professional face painter, and had taught both of her brothers and other children how to face paint.

So she decided to write a book based on that called Princess Jiyah’s Face Painting Fairytale, which teaches positive character traits. She too has written a second book about traveling that has been added to the series called Journey through Atlanta with Jiyah.

Inspiring mom

Their mom, Jennaye, was supportive and positive about her children's new venture, but she was also very much inspired by them. It became a normal routine for people to inquire about where these children got their drive to become authors. This led to Jennaye writing her book, Hope and Happiness.

Most would think that the mother would inspire her children to write, but in this case, it was the complete opposite. Her book, therefore, is a guide for parents on how to raise and support young entrepreneurial children.

The family motto

All in all, the Fennell family aim to inspire and promote the motto of “Living life to the Fullest.” This means following your dreams and desires right now. Their series is very unique because the books are choose-your-own adventure books. This means that they can be read in over 28 different ways!

For more details about the family and/or to purchase their books, visit 
www.fennelladventures.com or follow them on Instagram @fennelladventures and Facebook at www.facebook.com/fennelladventures/


article originally published by https://www.blackbusiness.org


Drinking and Flying Delta has a way connect with Black Owned Winery!!
Category: GENERAL
Tags: delta airline delta winery black owned winery partners with delta napa valley black winery successful winery

Delta Airlines Selects Napa Valley's Only Black Owned Winery to serve its customers!!!

Hello Community, Being part of a wineclub, articles like this really catch my interest. Have to share it with you. There are opportunities to be seized if you are prepared!!!


Learn about a game that is going on all around us, that most Black people are completely unaware of. Get ready to be blown away by this eye opening presentation and what it reveals. This is our MOST REQUESTED video and has been RAVED about by Black people all over the world.

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Napa Valley's Only Black-Owned Winery Signs Major Deal With Delta Airlines

Brown Estate Vineyards, the first and only Black-owned estate winery in Napa Valley, California, has sealed a lucrative partnership deal with Delta Airlines. In line with that, passengers aboard the domestic Delta One could have a taste of two of Brown Estate's wines from winter 2019 to 2020.

Just in time for Black History Month, Brown Estate wines was first seen onboard on February 26th during an in-flight tasting for Delta One customers traveling from San Francisco to New York.

The partnership was supposed to be just a part of the efforts to increase diversity awareness during Black History Month, as initially suggested by Carlyne Scott, a member of the airline's Black community resource group. Immediately thereafter, the airline has decided to expand the partnership and add two Brown Estate wines on the winter 2019-2020 menu: 2017 Betelgeuse Sauvignon Blanc and 2017 Chaos Theory.

"Partnering with innovative, diverse suppliers from certified small-, minority- and women-owned businesses like Brown Estate is fundamental to Delta's strategy to keep climbing year-round," said Heather Ostis, Vice President of Supply Chain Management. "Seeking employee perspectives and leveraging unique ideas brings us closer to meeting that goal, while creating the highest quality experience for our customers."

Established in the 1990's by siblings Deneen, David, and Coral Brown, Brown Estate has since been a thriving two-generation family business. They have joined forces to grow the investment of their parents, Bassett and Marcela Brown, who bought a 450-acre land planted with viniferous grapes.

With the recent partnership, the family is celebrating a huge milestone as they make history that will let their name be known more widely.

"We are delighted to partner with Delta Air Lines," said Deneen Brown, president of Brown Estate. "Delta's all-in commitments to the spirit of inclusion and to their wine program are perfectly aligned with our core values at Brown Estate."

For more information about Brown Estate, visit www.brownestate.com

Article originally posted on www.blackbusiness.org


Learn about a game that is going on all around us, that most Black people are completely unaware of. Get ready to be blown away by this eye opening presentation and what it reveals. This is our MOST REQUESTED video and has been RAVED about by Black people all over the world.

Get free access, this month, to the video,The Trillion Dollar Game, They Do Not Want Black People to Know About!!! http://everyotherbrother.com

NOW, YOU CAN BE PART OF THE FASHION INDUSTRY!! Tags: junqiues fashions jmcc models fashion industry natoris club natoris club certification fashion modeling consulting fashion model and talent


Be Part of the Change

Juniques MultiCultural Connection is proud to announce a strategic alliance with 
a premier modeling agency based in Metro AZ, Natoris Club a modeling and talent agency. 

Natoris Club, modeling agency, has been providing modeling services and  for small and large businesses for over 30 years.  Owned and operated by Ms. Alinisa Cruz, an established fashion industry model and innovative businesswoman. 

Ms. Cruz has developed and implemented a training system for aspiring and experienced models. 
Models who completed the system can receive Natoris Club certification. Certification confirms that graduates, of Natoris Club, know model etiquette, recognized and accepted best business practice, industry pros and cons, entreprenureship, client expectations and requirements, and much more. 

By employing some of the finest education techniques available, each Natoris Club participant, receives the highest caliber training available. 

For years Natoris Club has been placing Great Client with Great Models

A leader in the model agency industry. Being an industry innovator. Leading the Be Part of the Change campaign. 

It takes much more than good looks to succeed in the modeling business!!
It takes a "good look" from a knowledgeable agency to identify and prosper models who 
demonstate that they have the "right stuff" to succeed in the modeling industry. 

For additional information please visit www.jmccmodels.com
call Rickey at 623-455-6364


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