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Does Oxygen Based health Products Improve Health, This company says YES!
Category: GENERAL
Tags: oxygen oxygen health new health approach

Does Oxygen Based health Products Improve Health, This company says YES!


Hello, I am being following the development of oxygen base health products.

I am really impressed with this company. 

The testimonial are impressive



O2 Drops Explained (http://o2worldwide.jusmcc.net)


Oxygen is the essential element for life on planet Earth. With the exception of a few small microbial organisms, all life requires this basic molecule to survive and proliferate. All plants and animals, both on land and in the oceans, utilize oxygen in order to convert fuel into energy.

Without oxygen, which forms 21% of our planet’s atmosphere, life as we know it would simply cease to exist. From a human perspective, oxygen is the most important element which we take into our bodies. Aerobic metabolism, which uses oxygen to convert either carbohydrates or fats into energy, is the metabolic system keeping us alive. In the presence of oxygen, a single molecule of glucose can be fully metabolized to provide 32 molecules of energy in the form of ATP. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO http://o2worldwide.jusmcc.net

In the absence of oxygen, that same molecule of glucose only provides 2 molecules of energy. This form of metabolism produces lactic acid as a by-product which is one of the primary markers of peripheral fatigue. But more importantly, it is not economical enough to keep us alive for any length of time.

Clearly, therefore, oxygen is of huge importance for our health and wellbeing. In fact, one of the most accurate ways to predict how long a person will live, is to measure their body’s ability to consume oxygen.~Neil Fleming, PhD.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO http://o2worldwide.jusmcc.net

There appears to be ample supportive scientific evidence that dissolved oxygen in a liquid supplement form can be absorbed either sublingually into the blood stream or may pass directly through the stomach lining into the blood plasma.  Research has clearly shown (Dr.Arthur Guyton, M.D.) that the blood plasma contains approximately 3% dissolved oxygen; the red blood cells (hemoglobin) hold the remaining 97% in a completely healthy and well-oxygenated individual. Oxygen passes out of the red blood cells and into the plasma to be transferred to the cells that need oxygen for the metabolic process.

These cells then pass CO2 back into the plasma that is picked up by the red blood cells in the exchange.  http://o2worldwide.jusmcc.net

Oxygen is almost always present in the plasma as it travels though the body. Research conducted on ASO® by Suntory International of Japan indicates that there is a direct and long-lasting correlation between the consumption of ASO® and an increased partial pressure of oxygen in arterial blood.

A Duke University study, completed in March of 1996, indicates clearly, for the first time, the actual mechanisms by which oxygen is transported in the blood directly to the tissues and how oxygen is released and acquired by the blood through both the lungs and the plasma. The combination of these two studies implies that ASO®, when taken orally, is absorbed into the blood stream where it is transported directly to the tissues.CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO http://o2worldwide.jusmcc.net

SixthContinent is a disruptive technology,allows consumers to increase their purchasing capacity by 25% MONTHLY Tags: DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY SIXTH CONTINENT CONSUMER SAVINGS OVER 25% ITALY FAVRIZIO POLITI

SixthContinent, the social commerce that revolutionizes consumption

A disruptive platform able to increase the purchasing power of consumers, and which at the same time increases the turnover and profitability of companies. Here's how it works

Join at no cost http://scinvite.jusmcc.net

It is the social commerce of the moment, able to aggregate people and make them accumulate credits through the purchase of shopping cards of over 3 thousand brands: SixthContinent is in effect a virtual continent that in Italy already welcomes 250 thousand users who increase by 20% each month.

SixthContinent is, as the Americans say, a disruptive technology or a disruptive technology that has redesigned the supply chain between supply and demand, and allows consumers to increase their purchasing capacity by 25% every month.

SixthContinent was born in 2009 (during the global economic crisis) from an idea by Fabrizio Politi based on the formulas of John Nash , and revolutionizes the world consumption market thanks to the creation of a zone of equilibrium between companies and consumers, from which everyone benefits .

Users on  SixthContinent earn credits with which they can purchase the Shopping of their favorite brands to pay for their usual purchaseson both online and physical stores.

SixthContinent distributes and shares with users, in the form of credits, 70% of profits from sales and advertising

Even for companies - small, medium and large - SixthContinent represents a revolution and an accelerator of turnover and margins. These, in fact, can create advertising campaigns that pay only if and when they sell their shopping cards, covering the cost with part of the cash collected.


Today, 75% of SixthContinent customers make purchases every month, significantly increasing their spending power and using the platform as a first step in every purchase.

With SixthContinent, therefore, consumers increase purchasing power and companies increase turnover and margins : a system without losses, fair and sustainable over time.

Join at no cost http://scinvite.jusmcc.net

SEE FULL ARTICLE AT https://www.wired.it/economia/business/2018/06/11/sixthcontinent-social-commerce-consumi/

Use this safety tip for Digital Transactions
Category: GENERAL
Tags: digital savings safety tips for digital state bank of india sbi

Worried About Safety Of Digital Transactions? SBI Shares Some Tips


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