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Hair Care Domination Is there an answer?
Category: GENERAL
Tags: juniques hair micore

Hello JMCC community, these video should generate dialogue about the hair care market domination.

Yes, their is a viable and profitable answer for those who economically act!!!

B.O.B.S.A (black owned beauty suppliers association)


Learn How The Hair Extension Industry was lost


Part 2 The Story continues...



 Act on knowledge. Check out Micore Intl

Making a Real Difference in the Hair Care Industry. Getting Back the Market!!

Get Started Today!!!


JMCC shares Ministry in Spanish - Multi Cultural Communities Connecting
Category: GENERAL
Tags: all nations tv juniques jmcc spanish hispanic

Junique Multi Cultural Connections is reaching around the globe with the information video on demand service provided by All Nations TV http://www.jusmcc.info 

Why The Juniques Community Is Important!
Category: GENERAL


My name is Carolyn Simmons and let me say it is an honor to be in Juniques Multi-Cultural Connection. The owner of this great community I have known for a number of years. I like to think of him as the Activist For The Entrepreneur. When I first met Mr. Ricky Johnson I did not know the power of what he would term as ,"Branding Yourself."

I was just learning about having a presence for my business on the internet. Mr Johnson has taught me a great deal which helped me take my business to the next level and it is being sustained just by his teachings. This community is important and we all should be very active in it because it is a sustainable fuel for your business. Never stop reinventing yourself through networking and learning from others. Once you learn how to utilize all tools and ideas from others, your business will begin to take on a life of its own. Its always about being consistently proficient in your drive to having complete success in what you are promoting and what you believe about yourself to get the job done. Never give up and always push forward!


Carolyn Simmons

CEO Of The CSGroup



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