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Having a strong electrical engineering and scientific background, my interest is to assist society in an innovative way to create technical employment for the skilled and unskilled and business opportunities where we place the employee’s interest first before profit.

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Companies can only succeed or advance by using the talent and creativity of its employees or by the procurement talents of others. While employed, creative thinking and problem solving skills coupled with that of others were strongly developed and utilized to find solutions to improve the technology of projects when assigned. Mathematics, science, electrical theory and the ability to read complexities of technical material were also used, and implemented in a design environment. Over the years with a vision of the future resulted in being highly motivated to succeed in the technical arena and fortunate enough to work with other talented individuals. Information was shared with others for self gratification and the amplification of applied technological knowledge, without the fear of loosing one’s position or status, by promoting others to be better than self. These are the principles and philosophy that are adopted by “Create Jobs Center” as we create jobs and work with companies to brainstorm ideas.

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Nov 7th 2016





Create Jobs Center why re-invent the wheel in designing  computers, we made arragements Mobile Demand to sell and use their computers. We are only limited by our imagination.


Nov 7th 2016

Create Jobs Center also sees the value in partnering and investing in remodeling company. Remember technology is starting to make it to the housing market. We wants to be part of the technical future.

Nov 7th 2016

Create Jobs Center is also working with the Auto Brake people using pattern recgonition we developed the Auto Brake provided nitche in the Trailer brake market.

Oct 5th 2016

Welcome to the JMCC community!!!  Please share more about the create job center. We will promote your message to the JMCC contacts!!!!

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