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Best Music Festivals Now in Surprise AZ Tags: mother of earth mother of earth peace love surprise az music festivals north american

Hello community

People travel thousands of miles to enjoy the music festival culture. Music, Food, Socializing, Entertainment, Change of pace, is worth the efforts. 

Now the Mother of Earth Peace and Love Festival is coming to Surprise AZ   March 2019.  Who know, once people from these listed festival learn about

the First North American Based Music Festival, they may travel here!!!!  Look forward for additonal information about this great event happening for you in 2019




Best Music Festivals Abroad


Natalie Gennaoui | 
December 30, 2014 | 6:51 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter



Time to brush up on your foreign language skills or maybe fullfil that foreign language requirement that you've been delaying, because you are going to want to attend some of these music festivals abroad. We've picked out some of the hottest music festivals around the world, from Latin America to Singapore and everything in between. 

Boom, Belgium

Isn't Tomorrow Land a part of Disneyland? Well this music festival is for everyone but families. It has a very Alice and Wonderland feel to it, with bright lights, over-sized flowers and crazy colored hair. All elements which are sure to transport you to a different world. According to festticket, Tomorrowland had over 180,000 attendants, 15 different stages and amazing music artists playing for screaming fans in 2014. 

Sziget Festival
Budapest, Hugary

Macklemore, José González, Jake Bugg and Bastille were just some of the few names featured at the "island of freedom" music festival. If you have the energy, the Sziget festival is for you with cirque de soleil performances, campfires and tanning time at the beach. Oh and by the way, you can bring your dogs, cats or birds to this event although the official website doesn't recommend it. 

Rabat, Mororcco 

The Middle Eastern and Western cultures come together for one glorious musical festival. Mawazine features both local and international artists giving you a taste of everything. So not only will you get Jason Derulo, Justin Timerlake and Maroon Five but you will get to experience the exotic vocals of international artists such as Nancy Ajram, Ben L'oncle Sou and Wael Jassar. 

Roskilde Festival
Copenhagen, Denmark

This festival is not only jam packed with good music, opporunities to fish your own dinner or swim in a lake ,but it also donates its proceeds to local charities and cultural organizations.Spend all the money you want because it's for a good cause! This festival is also campaiging for no drug use on their camp grounds. Wow, this festival really cares for the community!


Isle of Wight, England

Bestival is basically like an American Halloween except in September and in Isle of Wight.  Come dressed as Jack Skellington, a slice of watermelon or just a normal, fashionable outfit- this festival has some memorable outfits. Leave it to the British to make everything fancy, even music festivals. 

Barcelona, Spain 

Hablas español? Maybe that California Spanish will come into use as you head over to Barcelona for Sónar. The electronic-loving festival is certain to leave your ears ringing for weeks with performances such as Despacio or Massive Attack. Just remember to brush up on rolling those r's and your accents. 

Rock Al Parque
Botogá, Columbia

What could be a better way to improving Spanish by rocking out in Columbia? Black Label Society, Agorá, De La Tierra and Sly and Robbie are some bands you might hear at Rock Al Parque. If you are a true lover of rock music, Botogá is where you should be heading in July. 

Baybeats Music Festival

This musical festival excludes no genre- pop, electro, folk, punk. You like it, they've got it. Not only that but they feature local bands to encorporate some homegrown talent who just make be the next big thing. 

Secret Garden Party
Abbots Ripton. England

This  beats any version of Shakespeare's "Midsummer's Night Dream" that you can conjure up. The Secret Garden party plans for you to enjoy ice scream, sprinkes or anything else your stomach desires. Oh yeah, there is some pretty amazing music too. Line ups in the past have included Where The Wild Things Are, Feast of Fools and Small World. All band names befitting of the music festival.

Splendour In The Grass
New South Wales , Australia

Australia has more than kangaroos to entertain, they have Angus and Julia Stone, Vance Joy and Foster The People to appeal to us, music lovers. They are even giving away tickets for 2015 for those who fill out their online survey! Good luck!





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