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I Rely on Jay Abraham to grow business, Here is Why
Category: GENERAL
Tags: jay abraham

I strongly recommend you share this information with any business owner who want to grow their business massively. I have been using and providing many of jay's observation and recommendation to help me, help many of my clients. I gladly share this information with you, my linkedin community.

visit me at At your service, Rickey

Video Mind-Blow; Prepare To Have Your Limited-Range Reality Shattered

Jay Abraham [email protected]

Rickey johnson:

I know that most people prefer ever-so-brief little Video-snippets. But frankly, I look at Video-snippets the way a cook would compare the difference between flash-frying vs. crockpot cooking.

I worked too hard, too long mastering deeply-seeded, proprietary knowledge and wildly expansive “World Business Views”.

I refuse to strip critically important elements down to mere superficial skeletal points — just to assuage the short-sighted habits of an online world that prefers entertainment over education… shallowness over in-depth mastery.

Fortunately for all you who prefer two-minute mental pabulum — I can refer you to hundreds of websites eager to serve fast-food, non-nutritional mental nuggets up to you in two-minute “to-go” packets.

But disseminating light-weight vacuous “Video Mediocrity” has never been, nor will ever be my style of true contribution.

At my age I have a wonderful conundrum happening that makes YOU the double winner!

Here’s the backstory:

For my first 20 career years, I concentrated on teaching huge groups through dizzyingly expensive seminars worldwide.

Then one day I fatigued and craved going back to my roots — which is privately advising and counseling vast spectrums of real-world businesses in an unimaginable array of industries.

Then, as my knowledge grew and my grasp of business options/opportunities/ breakthrough possibilities expanded — I switched from seminars to doing highly complex problem-solving, high-yielding marketing makeovers, strategy restructuring, business model remodeling, competitive advantage building, etc.

My work in these areas (and me personally untangling business Gordian knots) has been impressive. I’ve evolved to serve more as an entrepreneur’s masterful thinking partner — than merely their strategic marketing consultant.

Now what has occurred is that I primarily ONLY do keynote addresses worldwide, in which I spend the entire time answering success-critical questions, solving competitive challenging problems, mining and maximizing overlooked opportunities, helping take underperforming revenue activities and make them yield greater results.

Nothing I do any longer is stock. No standard speeches, no predictable responses, no general content. EACH and every session is unique and contoured to my perception of the most acute / critical ACTIONABLE contributions that I can make to that group, at that moment.

Whew, that prelude took a long time. My apologies; but it’s necessary before I share the good part.

You see at THIS point in my life with 40 years of successful experiences behind me — I am eager to share as much unique and universal wisdom as I humanly can — while I am in the elevated position to do so…

As an example, I am writing this from a plane in route to Shanghai from a city you’ve never heard of in northern China. Before that I was in Tai Pei, then Beijing, then Shanghai again, then London, then Amsterdam, then Rotterdam, then New Jersey, then San Diego, then Las Vegas — AND, each group was decisively different.

I make it a point to secure the video or audio at almost every session I ever do. Few of my colleagues openly share full-length keynotes for fear that their unique presentation will be marginalized.

But since no two sessions I do are ever the same — I love sharing the complete videos / audios from as many events as possible. My feeling is…you don’t have to view them now. But be happy that you have them for reference — when the time comes and you need these ideas.

Ok, all that said, below please find full-length content from the following recent sessions I’ve done:

My session at Vince Reed's Internet Traffic Live event 

Entrepreneur Weekly with Amanda Holmes, Alan Taylor, and me on "How to Manage Millennials"

I can honestly say that none of these sessions are the same; so the layers of perspective and strategic newfound thinking you’re about to experience truly cannot be classified

Enjoy and save.

And please pass these around, share, and tell people about them. Make my intentions to contribute worldwide happen. That’s all for today.



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