Subject        MoneyLine New Join page Feedback already Tremendous
Date        2016-10-17 12:05:16

Hi MoneyLiner's! 

A Thank you goes out to all of our subscribers as your interactions and feedback have helped us continue to improve and grow your MoneyLine. A BIG welcome to all the new MoneyLine subscribers. We would like to encourage you to take a few minutes to watch the Get Started video and go thru the 3 Steps on your MoneyLine Dashboard. Also, there is great information in the recorded conference call (green button). Finally, take a minute to click on the Help button in your back office and send your Sponsor a message not only to say thank you for the heads up to get an early spot in the MoneyLine but to also get involved with them and to ask them questions on how they can help you earn money with MoneyLine like they are. 

We have been getting requests into our Marketing Department for a NEW Look to Your Join for Free landing page. So earlier today, we launched a new cleaner landing page where your prospect initially just enters in their email address. Then on the second page they see the preview video and enter in their first/last names. The feedback has been TREMENDOUS!! Go see Yours at: USE YOUR MONEYLINE LINK

Also, make a Daily Habit to Get Your LINK out and In Front of enough people Everyday Consistently with the goal of achieving at least 1 Free Joinee per day! By implementing this SIMPLE STRATEGY into your Daily MoneyLine Business, You will be amazed at where this gets you in just 30 days with not much effort! The KEY to this, is CONSISTENCY, “1-a-Day" EVERYDAY!! You will Quickly see this can make a HUGE Difference in Your Financial Future!!! 

Thank You for Helping MoneyLine become The World’s Largest Straight One-Line of People!!