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Do you have the skills to market to $11.8 Trillion MultiCultural Marketplace?
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Do you have the skills to market to $11.8 Trillion MultiCultural Marketplace?

Juniques MultiCultural Connections ( http://www.jusmcc.net) is pleased to share information, that will help
any business owner, that want to be part of trillion dollar business to business and business to consumer, 
multicultural marketplace. 

JMCC offers multilingual/multicultural online radio and television. Come see and hear the global audience we are part of. 

Multicultural marketing (also known as ethnic marketing or cross-cultural marketing) is the practice of marketing to one or more audiences of a specific ethnicity, typically an ethnicity outside of a country's majority culture, which is sometimes called the "general market." 

Typically, multicultural marketing takes advantage of the ethnic group's different cultural referents such as; language, traditions, celebrations, religion and any other concepts, to communicate to and persuade that audience.

The reasons for multicultural advertising
People tend to live within their cultural boundaries; i.e., people have their own cultural values and norms, which influence the way they think, feel and act. 

People in a particular ethnic group tend to share the language, customs, values, and social views, and these influence people’s cognitive (beliefs and motives), affective (emotion and attitude) and behavioral (purchase and consumption) processes. 

Based on this notion of “advertising as a mirror,” cultural values and standards are implanted in ads in such a way that consumers can “see themselves” and identify with the characters in the ads and feel affinity with the brands.

Multicultural marketing can have a positive influence on "mainstream" marketing in a variety of ways:
Innovation: Charting a multicultural marketing strategy goes beyond identifying communications programs and promotions tailored to these markets.
 Multicultural marketing is an engine for innovation.

Growth: If multicultural segments are growing at higher rates than the general population, it implies that they are also consuming most products at higher rates than the rest

Globalization: Once a corporation acknowledges the value of multicultural marketing and begins investing in research and development of products and new marketing capabilities, these can be leveraged in the global environment.

Skills required

It is suggested that the following skills are required in the field of multicultural marketing.
1.To spot patterns that allow subcultures to be grouped together, so that a common marketing strategy may be extended to several subcultures in a group (“transcultural” marketing)

2.To develop a distinct marketing strategy for each subculture, if there is a significantly distinct cultural dimension that is important to the specific culture (multicultural marketing)

3.To further segment audiences in a subculture, if needed, in terms of cultural affinity, cultural identity or acculturation level (tactical adaptation within a subculture)

4.To develop parameters of culturally acceptable marketing stimuli; and

5.To establish a protocol for measuring cultural effectiveness of the stimuli.

Creating a multicultural marketing strategy

Multicultural marketing focuses on customizing messaging and marketing channels for each target group, as opposed to simply translating a general message into different languages, or including token representation of different ethnic groups in imagery.

Multicultural marketing is also complicated by the degree of mainstream cultural assimilation within ethnic groups themselves. Some segments, such as recent immigrants, may highly prefer use of their mother tongue, have limited proficiency in the local language, and be highly geographically concentrated. 

Other groups, such as second-generation individuals born in the new homeland, may be bicultural but have less proficiency in their parent's mother tongue and be more geographically dispersed.

An ethnic marketing strategy is developed around the values and attitudes distinctive to a particular ethnic group, and generally includes the following aspects:

Identification and collaboration with community leaders

The promotion of culture, symbols and celebrations important to a precise target
Enhancing and focusing on the cultural uniqueness of ethnic group

1) Understand cultural differences in communication patterns, values, and behavior in the target ethnicities.
2) Assess cultural affinity among ethnic audiences. 

3) Segment the ethnic audiences based on the level of cultural affinity. 

4) Evaluate the need for adjustments in strategy and tactics.
5) Explore culturally acceptable/unacceptable, sensitive/insensitive advertising messages among the identified segments. 

6) Develop the most effective and efficient advertising tactics targeted to the identified segments. 

7) Evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns among different target segments.
This process is also known as ethnic marketing.

Pioneers in the field of multicultural marketing include Madam C. J. Walker, African-American businesswoman, hair care entrepreneur,Procter and Gamble, Mc Donald's,Pepsi cola and Benetton, and the entrepreneur Francesco Costa with My Own Media and ISI Holding in the foreigner services sector, Joseph Assaf with Ethnic Business Awards, Alan M. Powell CEO of AP & Associates

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Hello JMCC community,

Cultural economic is vibrant and accessible. Many business owners are ignoring billions of dollars. Make sure if your product/service can be used by our diverse culture you make you get your message to them. Billions of Dollars are being ignored. 


Keep in Mind this is 2008 report!!! Yes, the numbers would be higher now!!!!


ART PROMOTES GLOBAL PEACE AND CREATES ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT Tags: multicultural commerce diversity economics income cultural resources economic prosperity alternative cultural profit centers travel

Dear Global Community Member,

I am very excited and please to share this years in the making global peace initiative using art as the "means to an end".

Please review the this message from Donald Brown, Founder and Artist. I strongly encourage you to become an affiliate and/or purchase the artwork.


I trust my message finds you in good health and ready to face a new year.  Please forgive the formality but this is a general announcement going out to a number of key individuals.  



I have a very exciting update that I invite you to review and then share with your contacts and associates throughout America and the rest of the world.


Three Years To Create One Sculpture

If you are not already aware, I have spent the last three years creating my latest sculpture.  It is titled 'A Sporting Chance for Peace' and is being positioned as a visual flagship for a global peace initiative.  This is being funded from the print sales of my earlier sculpture titled 'The Millennium Monument'.


New Global Marketing Agreement

I am very pleased to inform you that my company has now signed a global marketing agreement with the US Global Marketing Group.  The Director is Dr. James Moss who in 2007 was named the first African American to head the world's largest marketing alliance group.  I am honoured to have him on board and together, we are now working to generate additional funds that will take this global peace initiative to every corner of the world.


Become An Affiliate

As part of the funding campaign, an Affiliate program has been launched on the www.theglobalgallery.org website for people who would like to follow and support this initiative.  Here is the direct link.  CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FREE AFFILIATE ACCOUNT




Special pricing $50 plus $15 international shipping

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE the  set of three Millennium Monument prints TO BECOME AN AFFILIATE!


Promoting Peace

In short, we are using my sculptures and print merchandise to promote peace and positive principles for life such as respect, discipline, humility, determination, patience, forgiveness and healing.  In time, we will invite other artists to also hold themselves accountable for the messages they promote through their creativity.  Our goal is to encourage them to use their talents to make a positive difference and to inspire and empower present and future generations.  


Thank You To Our Affiliate Print Buyers

For those who review this update, sign up as an Affiliate and go on to purchase 'The Millennium Monument' prints, we hereby thank them in advance.  A percentage of revenue from the print sales would fund the next stage of our global marketing campaign.


Thank You To Our Affiliate Referrers 

For those who do not purchase the prints but refer others to do so, we would also equally welcome them as Affiliates and would reward them with 20% either to support a fundraising campaign of their choice or purely as additional personal income.  


Become An Affiliate

Signing up as an Affiliate is quick and completely free.  Again, click on this link for more information and to sign up.  CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FREE AFFILIATE ACCOUNT




Special pricing $50 plus $15 international shipping

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE the  set of three Millennium Monument prints TO BECOME AN AFFILIATE!


Future Benefit

And before you ask, the answer is YES.  If you or your contacts sign up as an Affiliate and do NOT purchase the prints but refer 20 or more people to purchase the prints, YES... you and they would still qualify for our future benefit.  That benefit would be gifted to you after we reach our first milestone of 250,000 print sales worldwide.  The first 200 individuals who achieved 20 referrals would be invited as VIP Guests to attend The Global Gallery Peace Conference in London England, for five days, with a guest plus $1000 to spend.



We are now at the pre-launch stage.  Our main objective at this time is to invite you and as many of your family, friends and associates as possible to sign up for free, as an Affiliate and to then refer others to do so.  If you become an Affiliate and you can and care to purchase 'The Millennium Monument' prints, your support will enable us to succeed sooner.  However, if you become an Affiliate and prefer to refer others to also become Affiliates, your support in this way would also be greatly appreciated.


Become An Affiliate





Special pricing $50 plus $15 international shipping

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE the  set of three Millennium Monument prints TO BECOME AN AFFILIATE!


Thank you for your time.  After reviewing the information please feel free to let me know your thoughts.


Kind Regards


Donald Brown



"Don't take your talents to the grave, they were given to you for a reason." Donald Brown


Shared by

Global Gallery Affiliate

Rickey Johnson

623 455 6364

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