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What Happens When We Pray????
Category: GENERAL
Tags: prayer heaven

This is a often asked question!!


Hello community, this is a great message to  a  great question!!

Prayer is a powerful way to get accomplishment in your life!!

Category: GENERAL
Tags: gospel prayer power of prayer lenear royalty rymth and blues gospel soul soul music

ok, this video got my musical and spiritual attention

give yourself a time out break and enjoy gospel sounds and a good story


click here to view video for gospel, temps, heartbeats, power of prayer

60's SERIES - This music video promo depicts a vision I had some few years ago especially being that my voice has changed some 12 years into this form of singing which I didn't have before.

The sounds of the 60's has been imparted into me in such a way I'm driven to unveil what has been foretold of a pleasing new and distinctive sound.

Although I never really grew up listening to Motown's artist, except the Motown Christmas album, ears would hear those captivating melodies. So when I started to create music those melodies was imprinted in my soul.

As I got older,.... I started researching all of these singers and I am dazzled in amazement. In starting my musical journey some 10 months ago, I contacted Motown in Detroit to video tape my 3rd video promo to depict a story line of my life yet with the 60's feel.

Of course I was denied and clueless to the knowledge of the honorable Berry Gordy was starting a Motown review on broadway in New York. The purpose of these various "cover songs" I've produced my mine own renditions into music video promos,..... is to showcase my vocal and music abilities of a likeness of the 60's music to what you will hear on my independent CD I am working on of all original material.

My "first" inspiration to do this video was due to Mr. Robert Townsend who created the "The Five Heartbeats"and watching the "Temptations" Movie.

So 7 months ago I presented my gospel rendition of "Sam Cooke's - Change Has Come", Ben King's - Stand By Me" and NOW I present to you my gospel version of "The Temptation's - Ain't Too Proud To Beg,....I entitled "I Believe - Ain't To Proud To Say".

I would love to read your comments and receive your support to "LIKE" my page

I thank a wonderful cast "Allen Edge as Uncle Bobby", "Alicia Averyhart as Momma", "Lori Jones Diana Ross", Moe Sims as Mary Wilson", "Darnell Harvey as Berry Gordy", Charles Wallance as The Sensations", Jon King Jr as The Sensations, Willie Brooks as the MC, Kenzia Boyd Stage Coordinator,.....and Foley whistle by Donell Colbert..Thank you!

NOTE: The purpose of this video is to showcase my vocal and music abilities on youtube and not for any commercial release etc. I do have clearance on any pictures, or songs and music such as "Ain't Too Proud To Beg " (that I changed), "Grandma Hands" & "Dock Of the Bay". Every other piece of music, songs is written by Lenear R. Harris


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