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Juniques Multi Cultural Connections strikes "Communication Gold!".
Category: GENERAL
Tags: allnations tv allnations tv network offline advertising streaming tv low cost online ads

Juniques Multi Cultural Connections strikes "Communication Gold!".


Juniques Multi Cultural Connections now can help you reach offline and online communities around the world!! JMCC is constantly seeking ways to help multi cultural communities connect.

JMCC discovered "Communication Gold" when it connected with  All Nations TV Network

Juniques MultiCultural Connections, (http://www.jusmcc.net)  reaching the $11.8 Trillion multicultural market, now
offers advertisement on All Nations TV Network. This dynamo online and streaming programming
network is providing some of finest gospel, business, and family friendly shows you can find
on or off the net!!! Yes, All Nations TV is being streamed into homes across the country on the
Roku Network channel. Roku Network is streaming to 5 million households and All Nations TV Network has its own channel!!


  JMCC is proud to be able to help your reach a greater audience and provide ad cost savings.
check us out at http://www.jusmcc.info  call me 623-455-6364 

LiLou is Adding to our MultiCultural Richness
Category: GENERAL

JMCC supports this lady!!!

click here to view videoes  in multiple languages!!!!



Support Lilou Mace on her mission to inspire people world-wide as she seeks stories and events that showcases the Juicy Living Tour “Everyday Inspiration for Everyday People.”

You’ve watched her videos – you’ve been inspired and some of you have been transformed by her work. Now you can give back, reciprocate and show your thanks for her continued work.

Lilou needs support to help to pay the tour expenses and the services of  several professionals that are making this tour possible. Will you help? 


Category: GENERAL
Tags: all nations tv juniques jmcc

Hello JMCC community,
Just got introduced to this online television station. I really enjoy the shows being shown.
Check this out you will want to include this station as part of your viewing pleasure!!


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