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Dr Will Moreland Brings the Lights Back in California
Category: GENERAL
Tags: will moreland light

Dr Will Moreland, presentation was so charged it overloaded the light system . Enjoy this message, it will definitely help you progress



Can Lyndal Spirit Create a 125 Millionaires?
Category: GENERAL
Tags: millionaires lyndal lyndal spirit process

Hello Community, Here is a goal statement Lyndal Spirit shared a post on Google+ 

Help someone reach their full potential and you shall reach your own in the process. Lyndal Spirit The Smile of the future is here! there are 1.5 million people who are in someway, somewhere influenced by my words, post, music whatever, I want to create personally 125 self made millionaires in the next two years, I was asked why by one of the first of my friends to start working on his own wealth, I told him, "If I have 125 people I help to grow wealth and they are like minded like me, when I move, they also will move, if I want to build a new school, rec center, Homeless center or feed the poor, I have 125 million dollars to apply to that movement, Schooling and higher education, I have 125 million dollars to make someone's life better. Who would not want to make that happen?! He smiled and said yes! I have a plan for a better tomorrow, what is your plan? Lyndal Spirit 


Here is my response to his goal statement


Rickey Johnson

12:47 PM
Well I say, understand the simplicity of increase and you can achieve the 125 goal.  Most people want to start Huge!!! They miss that "Big doors swing on small hinges". To generate massive income, the best start is recognize and accept, Little dollars create Big dollars. Check the internet offers you recieve for product and services, they all entice you with small cost, then introduce to the larger cost ( you know the " if you are serious, you order this larger cost package, service, position, etc". commonly referred to as the upsell.  The most interesting reality of this observation is that approach works and works well.  Ok, I am always open to sharing great dialogue. check me out at Juniques Multi Cultural Connections Online community at http://www.jusmcc.net   You can open an account ( no charges) and share this message with many more!!!

Ok JMCC community here is another benefit of using the tools in your community, you can share your thoughts, ideas, goals, and more and reach even more viewers. Remember your message will be understood by the one who need to receive it!!!


Learning and Applying What Other Successful Marketer Do! Tags: blogging consistent commitment repeating reinventing the wheel not giving up

Hello JMCC community,

Great day to you.

I am amazed sometimes how I can view the obvious and completely miss what is being shown.

I have been online for years and in the direct sales industry for decades. I know to succeed financially in this industry you must follow sales rules consistently!!  No need to reinvent the wheel.

Just follow the instruction of those who have come before you, and have done extremely well in this industry.

Too many time I have tried to reinvent the wheel, because I felt I could achieve success by taking short cuts.

Like most successes achieved, their is process that must be followed to the letter, before you can even have a new approach to the process.

Ok, this blogging exercise will be interesting, for I will be following the instructions of another who has done exceptionally well in the direct sales industry.

Rickey Johnnson, is a member of Juniques MultiCultural Connections, a community is reaching the $11.8 Trillion  Multi Cultural market, He is an active blogger on various socio/economic subjects. Read more of his writings at  http://www.jusmcc.net


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