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Are You Tired Of Not Being Successful In MLM? We Have A Simple Company For You!
Category: GENERAL
Amazing And Simple...No Hype, Get Paid Cah Back On Purchases, Learn A New Language For Your Business, Take Advantage Of Taxbot With Business Write-Offs, Get A 22% Monthly Credit With At&t, Verizon and T-Mobile. Take A 7-Night Trip To Hawaii... Sleep 2 People For Only $314.00 And So Much More All For A Small Investment Of $99.00. Company Sponsored By Visa...Lets Get You Started Now. Checked Out This Amazing Testimony Of A Young Man Continuing To Move Forward!
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Carolyn Simmons
Category: GENERAL

There Is Not Only A Personal Reason For Staying

According To The IRS, There Is A Very Important Reason For Having A Home-Based Business!

My name is Carolyn and I would like to share with you a few trials and challenges that I have had for the past 10 years. Shall I say that it is amazing when you understand that those very things in life help in your positive steps to the next level in your life. Folks simply...we go through things the key is we often make it out. In 2005 being single and having to take care of a disabled mother, (still to this day). I was faced with the challenge of having major surgery that had put me out of work for 6 months. Of course worries set in and how was I going to make it with a company that does not (still to this day), pay for sick leave. Its amazing when you are forced to use the talents that God blessed you with or either you figure out that you have talents that you didn't know about. It was then I became a part of the MLM industry I joined a company for my first time. Lying in a bed full of pain, depression and fear, I knew that I had to Still continue to be the bread winner in my house. So with a laptop and a cell phone and actually using the product, I began my journey to financial freedom. You see when you are desperate nothing else matters. In the first two months, I had earned approx 10,000. You must understand my testimony was real and I believed in the product and those who had an ear and a situation of their own listened. So we did it together, as a team. What is your why? Many folks take the MLM industry for granted but studies show it is the largest producer of financial freedom. The IRS states that if you open your window and throw $20.00 out every day, your paying to much in overpaid taxes. Did you know that there are 450 different tax write-offs for having a business? The thing is you must choose what fits your character, you must also promote first who YOU are. Begin to put a strategy in place, find out what you are passionate about and of course always put your request first in front of God. Since 2005 I have made over 5 times my salary of working on a job. Now I have begun to focus and understand more of why having a home-based business is my vehicle to financial freedom and the freedom to enjoy life to its fullest.  Again I ask, "What Is Your Why?" Find Out And Move Forward! We Are Here To Give You Choices And Help You Along The Way!

God Bless!

The CSGroup

CEO Carolyn Simmons


Why The Juniques Community Is Important!
Category: GENERAL


My name is Carolyn Simmons and let me say it is an honor to be in Juniques Multi-Cultural Connection. The owner of this great community I have known for a number of years. I like to think of him as the Activist For The Entrepreneur. When I first met Mr. Ricky Johnson I did not know the power of what he would term as ,"Branding Yourself."

I was just learning about having a presence for my business on the internet. Mr Johnson has taught me a great deal which helped me take my business to the next level and it is being sustained just by his teachings. This community is important and we all should be very active in it because it is a sustainable fuel for your business. Never stop reinventing yourself through networking and learning from others. Once you learn how to utilize all tools and ideas from others, your business will begin to take on a life of its own. Its always about being consistently proficient in your drive to having complete success in what you are promoting and what you believe about yourself to get the job done. Never give up and always push forward!


Carolyn Simmons

CEO Of The CSGroup



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