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I’m a Relationship Coach, wife and mother of four in sunny California. My life has taken a turn of events since I first published The Balcony View Revisited. Soon as I hit my mid-thirties, I've had a desire to write love stories that readers would fall in love with…realistic love stories! In 2009 my dream came true and thanks to my wonderful readers, I have become even more in love and dedicated to writing. Now that life seems to have settled down finally, I am more than ready to complete my next book of short stories. Just as romantic, seductive and alluring as the first, filled with erotic stories and twists of fate. Thank you for all your support. It literally means the world to me. Someone once asked me what it felt like to be a published author? And I told them: I feel free, witty and ecstatic that my words have the power to capture ones attention. Katrina Gurl - See more at: http://katrinagurl.com/About_me.html#sthash.LAHZzLuA.dpuf

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